Pondering moments with Archangel Raphael


Pondering moments with Archangel Raphael


Is time of the essence or is it even of consequence ?  

Time is merely a measurement of physical limitation, constriction, action and fear. Each human concept of a moment is time enough to restart, make a different choice to that of  the moments just past.

What is right for you in this moment may not be right in another, you can choose. Humans always have choice, its one of god privileges and lesson. In any time, situation or action how you choose to interact or vibrate within that structure is your choice and only your choice, just as a baby can choose to cry or not, you can choose to grow in your vibration and celebrate while living in gratitude in that moment, or not.

 What ever you choose adds to the global, universal or consciousness frequencies. You as a single, individual human may feel small and insignificant, You my dear are not. Think of your choices or vibrations if you will like a note being played within a great master peace. Played by the highest orchestra known to man, each note, instrument, dot on the paper is equal and essential the wonderous sounding master peace itself.

  Together we can choose to raise or together we choose to fall,

Every moment within each day your greatest contribution is your choice.