Energy Healing

Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystals and House clearances


Each session is tailored to your individual healing intentions. Linking mind, body and spirit for a deep and healing transformation without limitations.

With over 30 years experience to call on, and no two sessions are ever the same.

With Reiki there are No limits.


Individual session – 45mins – £40

Reiki for two – 75mins – £60

Online Reiki – 45mins – £40

Reiki & Crystals – 45min – £40


For Reiki training check out workshops and events


Reiki for Animals

Reiki helps our animals feel better, and more connected just like it does us!.

Heling energy works faster on animals and children, because they vibrate at a higher frequency.

 When an animal is sick – Reiki helps the healing process, and will works with any other type of treatment including the traditional medical treatment.

 Reiki is safe to use on animals of any age or situation, Due to distance options being available for safety.

When an animal has been through a trauma. Whether they’ve experienced abuse, loss, a move or because they seem depressed or having behavior problems, you can use Reiki to help them. In conclusion even if you don’t know what the problem is you can still use Reiki.

Reiki can be a great comfort to both the owner and animal when it’s time for them to cross over into the spirit world.

Treatment cost will depend on size, travel and the number of animals; groups will reduce cost so please contact me to discuss.


Energy Combination session

These sessions allow me to draw on my 30 plus years of experience, along with my strong connection to the Archangels. Creating a unique plan to support your own personal healing intentions. I will be guided as to which healing modalities will serve your greater good.

If you’re not sure what to pick I highly recommend this session for you.

However if you have personal preferences we can combine your choice, most importantly making each session uniquely yours.

For example Reiki with Access bar and crystals is very popular.

Energy combination online or in person – 45mins – £40

Release and Restore.

  • Do you feel stuck?

be it in a physical, mental/Emotional or Spiritual way?

  • Do you find yourself in repeating patterns of behavior or situations, and are you attracting the same kind of problems into your life?
  • Are you experiencing trauma from past events or experiences, consciously or subconsciously?

If you answered Yes to any of the above then why not book yourself in,  for my unique and truly bespoke Release and Restore treatment.

This intense form of healing accesses and releases all limitations, fears and patterns.

Together we will set intensions for your personal healing, we will work with the Archangels and their intense healing energy. This being a truly unique healing attunement process.

We will release all that no longer serves your highest good, and restore your perfect balance moving forward with your intentions and goals.

Release and Restore – 75 mins – £55

Feel good flow

Feel the goodness begin to flow as we connect the mind, body and spirit through the open embrace of Reflexology.

Setting intentions and linking them to your physical body.

We will create new unlimited patterns within your sacred geometric shaping, before bridging the gap between the physical world and the dimensions of Angelic consciousness.

Enjoy a blissful high vibrational meditation leading you into the elevated Angelic flow, using the energy of the four Archangels to create a new reality within your energetic field.

We will utilise a sacred geometric bridging technique from myself and the team of Archangels. Taking you into your own unique feel-good flow.

Treatment duration 90mins £80

Crystal healing

Crystals have been used throughout history for healing, personal use, reflection and meditation.

  • They work well with the human energy field, and can
  • move,
  • absorb,
  • re- focus,
  • direct and diffuse energy within the body.

When the body is unwell or off balance it is usually because the person has, lost their balance and natural rhythm,  crystalline energy helps the body to find this natural rhythm again.

The crystal’s known action is too, give out a resonance of perfection, a pattern for the body to follow.

Firstly within your treatment, the energy field will be assessed,  specific  crystals selected and placed on or around the body in grids,  achieving a powerful treatment that is unique to the individual.

This is a non-invasive treatment, restoring balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional spiritual and physical self.

In person or online treatment – 45mins – £40

Access Bars®

An energetic body process involving gentle touching of 32 points on your head, coupled with hands and feet.

These points (aka The Bars) store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, stress and locked up energy in your mind and body.

They relate to all areas of your life such as creativity, awareness, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, money, control, and many more.

When you receive a Bars session, it allows the charge on these areas to dissipate, together with the stress and worry, giving you the choice to be more generative and to have something different show up in your life. With ease!

Access Bars – 45mins – £40

With crystals or Reiki – £40

Soul Soother 

Complete relaxation for body, mind & spirit

Firstly you’ll feel a sense of calm glide over you, as glowing candles and relaxing music create a warm welcome to your personal sanctum. Close your eyes, and breathe in the fragrant scents of essential oils, used to cleanse the room’s energy, therefore creating a harmonising atmosphere.

 We will begin to sooth and relax your energy, as your journey continues, Allowing your mind to drift away with access bars experiences, releasing any tension. Before drifting into the flow of the healing crystals placed on your body so removing energy which isn’t serving your highest good.

Your journey ends with an ancient technique using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Creating sound vibration that gently flow into your body. The rich overtones take you into a deep state of relaxation, balance your energy and improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Treatment Duration – 45mins – £40

No description available.

Office or House Clearing

Office and House clearing is an ancient tradition. Inviting positive energy into your office or home. A clearing ritual is a way to remove any negative energies that might be present in your office or home environment.

​This is extremely beneficial for:

New businesses

Office or business productivity

New home purification

Buying or selling a home

Prospective buyers will be more comfortable in the space

They will be able to see the house as ‘theirs’ more easily.

Constant negativity in your current home or office environment,

If you have had an argument or difficult interaction with someone, Cleansing the residual energy from the environment, and doing so creates a start fresh.

series of bad luck or negative ailments or situations.

sense of unwelcome energy, spirits.

anytime you sense the energy being dark and heavy. Where you feel a sense of lethargy or lack of movement.

Bringing prosperity by charging your home with positive energy.

​It’s wonderful to have a regular cycle of house clearing, So keep your home purified and positive. Its very common for negative energy to collect. It’s a great fresh start and continuity.

​Office or Home Clearing consists of:

Energy work for positive charging of your home and office

Smudging with Sage

Lavender Incense and candle work for removal of negativity, and bringing forth the positive

Inside and outside of your home

​Office or House Clearing: £50 per hr

Subject to change depending on size of building or home, if more than 12 miles’ distance, travel expense is required.

​Please call for pricing inquiry and discount for small living space or apartments

  • Group sessions are available on a monthly basis please see workshops /events for details.