Workshops and events in Great Corby, Online and available for you to book.

Reiki One Workshop

The Reiki One is well-rounded introduction to Reiki, using the healing process.

By lunchtime on day one you will be using Reiki on others, Before exploring the nature of energy through the intuitive senses.

This course is great for absolute beginners, Likewise for those already started to explore their own spiritual development. Learning Reiki is about more than healing – it is about understanding your broader spiritual identity.

Please bring some food with you for the bring and share lunch.

  • REIKI ONE – training weekend £250 (£100 nonrefundable deposit) , GREAT CORBY

Reiki two workshop

The Reiki Two focuses the energy learned previously. Adding Reiki symbols and integrating them into our practice and daily life.

We will explore the ideas that are behind the Reiki symbols

  • for absent healing,
  • emotional and mental healing
  • focusing energy.                                                                                                                                                                      This is achieved through the understanding of how and why the symbols work,  While discovering the power of these symbols – investigating positive changes available within our own lives.

Please bring some food for the bring and share lunch.

This is a two- day course starting at 10am – 4pm on each day.

  • REIKI TWO WEEKEND – Great Corby £350 (£100 nonrefundable deposit) ,


Open to anyone trained to Reiki

2nd Tuesday 7pm  of each month Reiki Share open to anyone trained – Great Corby £10,

Groups of 6 may book there own share at a time that suites them.

Reiki three workshop

Reiki Three is the concluding chapter in your training.  Gathering together tools, skills and knowledge to take control of your own development. Furthermore being able to assist others on their Reiki journey.

Connecting with new symbols and advanced Reiki healing practices. These new skills will enable you to pass on your Reiki knowledge and energy to the wider community.

Please bring some food for the bring and share lunch.

This is a two- day course starting at 10am – 4pm on each day.

A non- refundable deposit of £200 will secure your place, with the remaining £200 to be paid 14 days before the workshop begins.

Healing Circle

 A gift of intense and direct healing, open to everyone. We will work on a specific area that requires loving release through advanced Healing practices with an perfect blend of Archangel collective and energy exercises.

Joining together in a circle offers support, love and a heightening of energy vibration, holding space for each person to release what no longer serves their higher purpose, attract in abundance and new frequencies allowing divine healing guidance and support helping us all to bridge the gaps in vibration.

I am so proud and excited to be offering you this opportunity, this is a channeled circle from my spirit team of guides and angels bespoke to our connection and yours xx

Please bring: water, and food for our Bring and share lunch afterwards.

  •   1st Saturday of each month, 11/1pm Great Corby £30 and bring & share lunch
  •  pre booking and payment required to secure your place as places are limited.

Reiki Share

 open to anyone trained in Reiki

This Reiki Share Group in Great Corby is about continuing your practice.

You are invited as a newbie, a Practitioner or attuned but never practiced.

The aim of this group is to:

  • Teach you different Reiki Techniques depending on your level.
  • Ensure you have an understanding of what Reiki does and how it affects your energy system.
  • Boost your confidence when working on other people.
  • A place where you can ask questions and mix with like minded people.
  • Share ideas and knowledge – I don’t believe we ever stop learning.
  • This group is available the first Tuesday of each month and open to everyone

2nd Tuesday each month starting 7pm

Prebooking and payments required. £10

Mediumship Development: Weekend Workshop

Covering the fundamentals of mediumship. You will be guide through the process of making a deep connection to Spirit through evidential mediumship. The focus of this workshop is encouraging Spirit to come through naturally to speak their truth.

The workshop covers:

  •  Meeting and working with your spirit guides.
  • Communication with Spirit.
  • Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentinance, Symbology.
  • Structure of a reading, protection and energy hygiene.

Clare has a relaxed approach to teaching and encourages you to think creatively. You will take part in exercises that expand your consciousness and heighten awareness. In these states, you will be more responsive to the Spirit and your surroundings.

By the end of the weekend, you will have improved awareness, a greater understanding of Spirit communication and knowledge of how to work with love and empathy.

What to Expect

This is a full weekend workshop that will be hosted in Great Corby.

The workshop format includes Chats, group work and practical exercises. Please come prepared to take notes and work for an extended period of time. This course is open to all a nonrefundable deposit will be required to secure your place as places are limited.

On completion of our weekend together you are invited to continue your connection and development at our development circle on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7pm, £10 pre booking and payment is required.

Meeting your Spirit Guide Workshop

Come along to this fantastic workshop and find out who your spirit guides are.
Spirit Guides, some call them guardian angels, are your companions on the path of life. They can help, advise, inspire, protect and do everything except make decisions. They guide you along your spiritual pathway, helping you connect with spirit and bringing you the guidance that you need.
We all have spirit guides and teachers. In this workshop you will meet your guides, learn how to communicate and work with them, learn techniques for making contact and how guides and angels can help you achieve your goals. They can also assist you with your creative abilities, confidence and peace of mind.

Spaces are limited so we can have a positive experience with lots of support. £55
( minimum of 4 people) time to be arranged to suit you , in person or online, Great Corby ,

Archangel retreat

Each and every one of us can connect with the Archangels who wait to serve, support, and heal.

We will come together in a small intimate group to connect with one Archangel each month learning to recognise their presence, and how they wish to support us. Together we will meditate and experience a greater depth to our new relationships.

  • 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7pm, £10 Prebooking is essential to secure your place.

All workshops and events can be booked privately at a time and place to suite your group

WHATS ON 2024  – Diary

New events and groups will be added throughout the year, if you would like a group at a different time or location please get in touch for details and arrangements.

1st Tuesday of every month Spirit/mediumship development circle 7pm £10

2nd Tuesday of every month Open Reiki share 7pm, £10

3rd Tuesday of every month Archangel retreat 7pm £10

1st Sunday of every month Healing circle 11am with bring and share lunch £30


Healing circle 4th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 13th, 7pm


Reiki One weekend- Great Corby 16th,17,18th



Healing circle 3rd – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 12th, 7pm


Mediumship development weekend – Great Corby 29,30,31st



Healing circle 7th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 9th, 7pm, £10


Reiki One weekend- Great Corby 19, 20,21st


Meet your spirit guide workshop  26th, 7pm, £55



Healing circle 7th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 14th, 7pm, £10


Reiki Two weekend – Great Corby 24th



Healing circle 2nd – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 11th, 7pm, £10


Beginners’ intuitive tarot weekend – Great Corby 21st



Healing circle 7th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 9th, 7pm, £10


Reiki One weekend- Great Corby 19, 20,21st



Healing circle 4th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 13th, 7pm, £10


Beginners’ intuitive tarot weekend 23rd – Great Corby


Meet your spirit guide workshop  30th, 7pm, £55



Healing circle 1st – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 10th, 7pm, £10


Reiki Two weekend 27th – Great Corby



Healing circle 6th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 8th, 7pm, £10


Reiki One weekend- Great Corby 18,19, 20th


Meet your spirit guide workshop  25th, 7pm, £55



Healing circle 3rd – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 12th, 7pm


Mediumship development weekend 15th – Great Corby



Healing circle 8th – 11am, £30


Open Reiki share, 10th, 7pm, £10


Meet your spirit guide workshop 15th, 7pm, £55


Silent Retreat 10-4pm, £55 (21st winter equinox)