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Have you ever truly thought about Rest ?

Have you ever truly thought about Rest………? Rest is one of our most basic human needs. There is no healing without rest, there is no recovery without rest, and yet many of us still do not prioritise it during the daytime. Our lives are so busy, we fill up our diaries without even considering time […]

Ways to Raise your vibration

You’ve probably heard people say things like ‘raise your vibration’ without actually understanding what this means or even how to go about it. Put simply, we all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. The higher this frequency, or vibration, the lighter you feel in your emotional and physical existence. When you vibrate at a higher […]

Pondering moments with Archangel Raphael – Continuing thoughts

Continuing thoughts. Most humans think of continuing thoughts as a negative, but what if we choose to accept and consider them with an alternative point of view……… When recognising a continued thought, be it high or low in vibration, just stop for a moment and give yourself permission to observe. Is it a chance to […]