Pondering moments with Archangel Raphael – Continuing thoughts

Continuing thoughts.

Most humans think of continuing thoughts as a negative, but what if we choose to accept and consider them with an alternative point of view………

When recognising a continued thought, be it high or low in vibration, just stop for a moment and give yourself permission to observe.

Is it a chance to receive a lesson?

Is it an opportunity to witness someone else’s view point or limitation, therefore affording you the choice to hold on to someone else’s intellectual/vibrational property?

Or is it doing the right thing and releasing it to be transmuted or returned? The universe will know what to do for the greater good, so no pressure, guilt or fear is required.

Or is it indeed, and I truly hope so, that you are receiving divine guidance in a gentle subtle manner?

How we think about our thoughts can at any given moment change, thoughts are merely a vibration, a continually changing frequency.

This being so and recognising it as such, gives you permission, if you choose to change a thought in any direction.

Think of it as a brief yet powerful meditation practice.

Thought patterns are like the art of meditation, the overall goal is to keep returning to a higher vibrational practice, by returning to the meditation when we slip out of it.

Your thoughts can be viewed in the same manner, observe and return to a higher vibration or practice. The more you do this the more the universe sees your commitment and works to align and support your efforts.


Pondering moment… a thought is merely a passing frequency.