Pondering moments with Archangel Metatron

Let us take a moment together and ponder a simple yet very profound observation.

If humans had no access or concept of Greed or Waste, how different would the world be….?

Greed and wasteful practices only occur within humans. But what can I, or What can one person do to make a change? I hear you thinking.

Well, each and every living being is a vibration or frequency, and each and every one of those vibrations are interconnected within the universal flow of others.

Therefore, should just one person taking a moment to ponder this thought reduce the amount of waste in their life, be it emotional, behavioral or material waste in any shape or form, then that would surely create a shift in the universal vibrational flow, having a positive knock-on effect rippling out.

And! Should the same one person, applying the same practice to greed in all its forms, then surely once more this will create a positive Universal shift.

A pondering moment in action Plus! the very same action and awareness passed on to others will create many many more vibrational shifts for a better world and a better physical life.