Healing thy self through thought, question and body

Have you ever thought about healing your mind body and energy through thoughts and questions?

During my work I have trained and practiced in several disciplines, all combining these actions alongside a therapy as a complement to the art.

Have you ever actually gathered in peace and quiet and simply asked your body what it requires for your own health,  Or tried using law of attraction, energy frequency to make positive changes in your health?

Most people, myself included, have imposed our will, tried the on trend fad or must have idea, then when it doesn’t work we become disheartened or possibly even go further away from where we wish to be.

After training in Access Bars® therapy, I was reminded of the tools I learned in Reflexology, kinesiology and dowsing for health. So I decided I would start by asking my body lots of questions, for example about the food it wanted, what time and portions it required.

At first it took time and effort, but very soon it became easy and second nature. I have since worked with my body to find out what size, shape and energy type it wants to be naturally.

Wow! Now that was a shock. So me and my body are happily shrinking without effort to our natural optimal size, shape and energy for us to be at our peak health. My body also said how long it wants time wise to do this.

Now I know you’re probably thinking what on earth ? How on earth?

It’s all part of a very simple technique called body dowsing.


1, Stand with your feet together, hands relaxed down by your side and a loose body

2, Ask your body to show you yes, it will probably tip you forward slightly, don’t worry you wont fall

3, Then repeat asking it to show you no, you will probably tip backwards

Using this technique I asked my body everything, with some surprising results I can tell you. I am so happy I am now feeling more connected, content and excited about where me and my body are going, and what we have, and will achieve.

Through connecting with my own body, I am even more convinced no matter how you have treated it in the past, your body is always ready to forgive and forget, and work towards a happier healthier you, whatever size, shape and style that may be.

Be unique, be happy, be connected to you!

I hope this is of help to you, and wish you well in reconnecting to your beautiful amazing body