Relaxing & stimulating foot treatment, with pressure techniques applied to the reflex points of the feet. Helping to re-balance body systems and promote health and well-being. Great for de-stressing, de-toxin & re-energising. Can be effective with most ailments and chronic conditions, promoting homeostasis within the body. Combine with Reiki for a deeper healing experience & energetic re-balancing. Hand Reflexology treatments also available.

Reflexology with Reiki

The combination of these two therapies is exceptionally harmonious. Reiki is a subtle all be it powerful treatment that accelerates the body’s healing process. Reiki naturally flows where it’s most needed.

After 40 minutes of Reflexology, the body’s energy pathways are open and ready to receive healing. The 20 minutes of Reiki involves the gentle placing of hands over the body from the crown of the head to the feet. Each position is held for several minutes. The client will enter a very deep state of relaxation and calm, feeling centred, positive and balanced. Although the effects may seem subtle, profound changes may occur inwardly as the body is encouraged to heal itself.