What are Archangels?

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  • What are Archangels?

Archangels are like chiefs of the angels. They are infinite in their power and presence. They each have their own unique gift or specialty in order to be of service to humanity. They oversee the angels and Divine Light and universal consciousness.

They each have their own specific roles such as protection, healing, helping children, animals, world peace, creating harmony in relationships, spiritual development and so on.

Archangels may be called upon to assist us with our everyday lives as well as for global/dimensional healing and evolution.

Although each might carry a predominantly masculine or feminine energy, and we may refer to each one as ‘he’ or ‘she’,  it is said that they are neither  male nor female, but rather gender less as beings of light.

There are many archangels whom assist earth as well as other planets and dimensions with in the Universe. The most well known Archangels are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, as they are mentioned in the bible, and referenced in different religious / spiritual pathways ( Archangel do not belong to a specific religion or doctorate they are available to absolutely everyone no matter their beliefs and experience).

Each Archangel has their own individual aura colour, relating to the particular frequency which that specific Archangel vibrates in. There are also specific crystals associated with each Archangel. 

Each Month Clare will write a blog including some of the better known archangels.

  • Learn About Angels & Archangels

Clare runs a monthly Meeting the Archangel Workshops, offers Readings, Healing sessions and channeled messages. Clare is currently creating online courses on spiritual topics such as connecting with angels and archangels,& learning all about their gifts & specialties.


If you would like to receive an bespoke Archangel healing session a reading or attend the monthly workshop please click on the link to be directed to the booking page.  https://clareholistic.appointy.com/