Time is of NO consequence…….

Time is of no consequence…….

Each moment of every day is your new beginning or is it ?

As human-beings each minuet of each day is a chance to choose, Our brains are that of an infinite being yet we choose to place limitations judgments fears of restrictions not only on ourselves but those around us. I ask you this what would it take for you to choose different within your life ?. What effort and control does it take to choose a smile rather than a frown ?. What would it take to walk a few extra steps each day ? and what would it take to let go of those that hurt, restrict or diminish you ?


I was given this exercise this morning from my good friend Zyron

Breath in Current awareness and Choice……..

Breath out your new choice……….


In my case I have decided (choice) to face my fears restrictions and judgments connected to my body and how I present myself to the world, how that makes me feel and what choices I have made to accompany that.

So my first experience of my new exercise was this morning at breakfast. I started today determined to carry on my strides towards a Happy, Healthy, Strong lean body. But! as my decent down the stairs begins I smell it!!! Yes my son has put on the toast, he’s made me a coffee with a fresh toast for breakfast . My heart sinks but my face smiles for him. I’m about to give up my choice of a good start so not to hurt the feelings of others…….. it’s then I’m given the exercise

Breath in current awareness and choice………..

Breath out your new Choice………….

So I think for a minuet and decide to talk openly to my son about what’s just happened and how I want to make better choices for my body, how I really appreciate his thoughtful actions, but I am honoring myself and choosing to have my plant based shake instead. To my surprise he’s not upset or hurt he just says good choice.

As he leaves for school he turns to me and says “Me and some friends have some hard choices coming up, I’m gonna tell him that exercise, I think  because you know each moment is a new choice, its OK to choose different,

you should tell your clients that today Mum…….”  So here I am passing on the Breath in Choice exercise to you, enjoy!