Online treatments, readings and training

All online services to be paid for 24 hrs in advance 

Readings online 

Angel/Spirit connection Readings

Angel/spirit connection Readings are extremely personal and powerful and each reading will assist with putting your life into perspective by acknowledging past experiences, reflecting on current practices and providing guidance for the future.
We will uncover issues you are experiencing, the best course of action to move forward and how the Angels are working behind the scenes to guide and support you on your journey forward.
During a reading you can ask questions about specific areas of your life that you are seeking clarity for. These may include: career, family, health, finances, love and relationships etc.
30/45 Minute Angel Reading
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Tarot/Card Reading

Sometimes we find it hard to see where we are going as our emotions are clouding our perception. I have been there myself…

Are you looking for clarity?
Are you feeling stuck and needing some guidance and support?

My card readings including healing energies can be a powerful tool for you if you are seeking guidance in your life. I can give you insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decisions to help you move forward.

Readings last between 30 to 45 mins .

I recommend you record the reading on your mobile phone using the ‘Voice Memo’ app.

Session  £30

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Tarot and Intuitive Readings

Clare reads the Tarot using clairvoyance; perception and Clairsentience; Messages are received from spirit guides/Archangels and are given when they come through. Readings are sincere and given truthfully with sensitivity and humour. Readings cover all aspects of life and aim to: Focus on past, present and future influences / challenges. Highlight potentials for change and growth. Empower and highlight inner strength’s and qualities. Bring positivity and hope. Inspire self-development. Free will and choice always remain the clients’ responsibility. exchange of only

Readings last between 30 to 45 mins . Session  £30

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Pendulum Reading

If you need your questions answered with a simple yes or no then the Pendulum can help, The pendulum can provide a definite and straightforward answer when all we may need is just a simple yes or no. So if you need clarity on a specific subject and not sure which way to go, Why not give the Pendulum a try… Pendulum readings can be done in person or Online.

Ask as many questions as you require either out loud or once a connection is established; ask internally allowing you privacy and confidentiality, it is advisable to write your questions prior to your session.

Readings last between 15 mins . Session  £15

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Disclaimer… If you contact Clare for a Spirit Guidance Session, you are acknowledging:  you have read the following disclaimer, and  agree to all its terms.

Know that no mediumistic reading can predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. The information provided in Clare’s sessions are intended for your general information only and is an expression of opinion–not to be construed as legal, medical, or psychological advice. Any guidance that is given during a reading is given to you for your thoughtful consideration only. You accept full personal and legal responsibility for your own life choices. You are encouraged to make your own decisions regardless of any information or interpretation Clare may convey. No guarantees are given and Clare will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. Understand that Clare is not a medical doctor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or any other kind of medical or mental health practitioner and cannot promise or guarantee a specific relative, friend, or guide will come through for you during a mediumistic reading.

It does help if you come to the reading with an open mind and an open heart. Clare reserves the right to end any psychic or mediumistic reading if she deems it would be in the client’s best interest. Client will not be charged if the session is ended early. Information passed on from the Other Side is based on your current energy and mindset. It does not mean that the information given is determined. You have the free will to change your thoughts, actions and emotions. As your energy and thoughts change, the possibilities in your life also change. Remember that we all have free will to choose what is best for each of us as individuals on out life’s path.

Treatment sessions 

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing sent over distance enables you to receive healing if you are not able to visit my treatment space for any reason.

In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Therefore, I am able to send Reiki Healing energy to you and support you anywhere in the world as you require.

In distant energy healing, high in vibration and frequency on all levels known and unknown can be guided by focusing the energy by using the power of intention as we work and share our time together.

During your Healing session I simply ask that you are in a relaxed environment for us to have a conversation over Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime, then I will request that you sit comfortably or lie down with your eyes closed as we move into the Healing Treatment.

In distant energy healing the energy is guided as I use the power of intention as I work.

The Reiki will channel through you even though you are not physically present beneath my hands.

We conclude the session  by discussing anyhting which you are unclear about or any feelings you experienced whilst receiving Reiki, yet the healing vibration and intention will continue long after we conclude the session.

30mins £20 1hr £30

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Online Meditation

Meditation is a great way to still the mind, relax the body and gain energy, allowing us more peaceful, balanced and focused in our daily lives. We will set your intentions and focus before sharing a meditation together making the session unique and channeled to suit your needs. Helping you bridge the gap in where you are and where you aim to be.
The meditation online session is suitable for beginners and those experienced in meditation practices.

30mins £10 1hr £25

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Soul Clarity Sessions: Video Call

Private Consultation via Zoom, Facebook or WhatsApp Video Call.
Soul clarity sessions are £60 for up to 90 minutes.
Clare is a vibrational healer and powerful channel, working with Angels and spirit guides to support your journey.
During your Soul Clarity Session, you’ll experience Angelic lead energy work, personal and meaningful guidance and intuitive clarity.
Are you ready to go deep? To transform your life and your energy, to release those blocks and limitations which no longer serve you and which are blocking you from the prosperity, success, love, vitality and great life you know you were born to live.
I am an Energy Therapist and channel, and this private session is a sacred space for you to finally clear away the blockages you have towards achieving prosperity, success, and love. I see and sense the energies holding you back and I can remove them, giving you guidance, awareness and insight along the way.
Whenever you feel stuck or low there is always a hidden energy creating a barrier causing pain, drama, and resistance in your life and stopping you from manifesting your dreams.
When you’ve been hurt, sabotaged or been through trauma those energies stay in your consciousness for a long time, which is why it is hard to move on and let go.
This session is your opportunity to let go of all that which no longer serves you, once and for all. This energy healing is permanent and there are no side effects (except possibly a little tiredness afterwards) I know how to release you safely of these blocked energies and give you the insights you need moving forward, so you don’t have to repeat the suffering.
I will guide you as you release those saboteurs and hidden fears which are keeping you stuck. Your session will bring you clear aha moments, wisdom and angelic guidance to reconnect you to your soul.
The healing will raise your vibration to the level where life flows again, so you can easily attract what you want and need.
An Energy Therapy Session gives you lightness, power, clarity, intuitive guidance, and freedom from struggle.
I will work with you to manifest your dreams, by removing the blocks that are sabotaging your life.
Once payment is received, we can arrange and book your Video call or phone session.
NB This session does include guidance but is not a pure reading. If you would like an Angel reading, please book a separate session.
Approx 90 mins: £60 uk pounds

Meeting your Spirit Guide Workshop

Come along to this fantastic workshop and find out who your spirit guides are.
Spirit Guides, some call them guardian angels, are your companions on the path of life. They can help, advise, inspire, protect and do everything except make decisions. They guide you along your spiritual pathway, helping you connect with spirit and bringing you the guidance that you need.
We all have spirit guides and teachers. In this workshop you will meet your guides, learn how to communicate and work with them, learn techniques for making contact and how guides and angels can help you achieve your goals. They can also assist you with your creative abilities, confidence and peace of mind.

Spaces are limited so we can have a positive experience with lots of support. £45
2, 1/2hr session ( minimum of 4 people) time to be arranged to suit you , in person or online

Prices are in Uk sterling, payment to Paypal is required before the session minimum 24hrs before the session.
Bookings are generally made 7-14 days in advance, and can be made here.
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