Hopi Ear Candles

Candles are used in the ears to create a soothing suction effect to unblock the ears and sinuses and restore balance. It creates a feeling of warmth which stimulates blood flow to the head and neck, increasing the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues which, in turn, encourages healing and helps to detoxify through the lymphatic system. The candles are known to help with sinus problems, compacted or excessive ear wax, tinnitus, sore throats, pressure regulation in the sinuses and headaches, promoting mental clarity and relaxation.

Treatment duration up 45 mins £30

To book online please visit https://clareholistic.appointy.com

Treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes and can includes a gentle facial massage, reflexology, Indian head massage or especially reiki to promote relaxation and further stimulate and unblock the sinuses. Combining the candles with another therapy works to deepen the healing and re-balancing effect.

Treatment duration 60mins £45

To book online please visit https://clareholistic.appointy.com