Do you want to learn too meditate or take a break from  everyday life ?.

You will be guided in meditation calming the mind, body and spirit too improve wellbeing.

Learn techniques to help support everyday life and or spiritual development.

Individual session: £15 Duration 45mins. or £5 each for groups of 3 or more


Meditation circle 


Offers the opportunity to explore Spiritual and energy development.

No previous experience needed. 

No need to pre book just bring a drink of water and a blanket if required.

We meet at Botcherby community center, Victoria Rd, Carlisle CA1 2UE

 – 12pm every Fridays for 45mins, £5 

Please bring your own water.

Doors are closed to entrance at 12pm so the circle won’t be disturbed.


Meditation for Corporate Business and Organisation 


Stress accounts for 53% of all work days lost. Therefore being the biggest reason people are unable to cope with pressures of work and life. As a result work performance reduces, leaving a less productivity.

While this practice is easy. The contribution to productivity is plain to see. Meditation improves decision making and problem solving, Consequently quality of productivity and wellbeing improves.


Available around Carlisle, Cumbria, likewise online.

Easy to follow.

No experience required, and staff go away with simple tools they can use at any time.

To conclude fees and duration to be arranged.