Get Ready to be Autumn/Winter Confident!


Get Ready to be Autumn/Winter Confident!

Nature has a beautiful way of teaching us about life. The change in seasons is a subtle but profound reminder that nothing stays the same and in order for us to succeed, we must, not only be open to change, but also learn to expect it!

I would always have said that I was flexible and accepting of change …the proverbial bamboo…but this September has proven otherwise as I find myself feeling shocked at how quickly and quietly, summer just seems to have slipped away from us!

All of a sudden, the clothes in the wardrobe are completely wrong and we’re in panic mode as we face the prospect of dark nights with a change in tempo.

So my plan of action is to accept I’ve been caught “off-guard” and in response, get sorted and then PLAN AHEAD so that I am working with the change rather than against it;

  • Planning nights out with friends & family.
  • Putting away the summer clothes NOW and replacing them more suitable attire – clothes that are warm, comfortable and that I feel GOOD in (accepting that the summer dresses have to go and that looking at them for the winter months will do me no favours!)
  • Getting activities/schedules in place for everyone now so we don’t spend the months wondering what to do with ourselves or worse still, having clashing times that cause discussions and disharmony!
  • Buying tickets now for events I want to go to – interesting talks, workshops, weekends away.
  • Getting the winter creams in… Arbonne’s body butters, face moisturisers, hand lotions!
  • Digging out the cozy blankets, hot water bottles, heated pad for my back

At this stage you might be wondering what on earth this has to do with confidence?

Well confidence isn’t a standalone “skill”.

It is made up of many different parts;

Self Love, Self Acceptance, Self Belief, Self Care, Personal Development, Perseverance, Action.

Primarily the very act of taking ACTION, moves you forward and creates a feeling of accomplishment so that you’re off to a head start already – more the bamboo, less the rabbit caught in the headlights!

Then, by putting an actual plan in place for all of the other various components, we put a plan in place for our own confidence.

This is showing up for us in a way that is possible, easy and self-compassionate.

Allowing ourselves get into panic mode is NOT compassionate…it is hell on a treadmill and causes all sorts of self defeating thoughts and actions.

So plan now for a confident home to enjoy these winter months…your future self will thank you for it.

With Confidence, Anything is Possible,

Clare Holistic

Bridging the gap in your journey to health and well being

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