Essential Oils and Animals

What is Aromatherapy ?

Make the most of your animals excellent sense of smell by harnessing the power of essential oils.



Aromatherapy is

One of our oldest healing practices. It uses the rapid healing power of essential oils to resolve a vast range of problems, so promoting physical, emotional and spiritual health. Each essential is unique in it’s ability to heal both mind, body and soul.

Animals in the wild will graze the Hedgerows to find the herb, flower or fruit they need for health. Most domestic animals are unable to choose their own forage and depend on the owner to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. When our pets are ill, they rely on the owner to diagnose the problem and provide the correct care. Aromatherapy enables us to do this in keeping with the animals natural requirements.

The choice is yours

Each oil has a very specific effect, animals will usually choose the one most suitable by turning towards or away from the oil offered. The animals sense of smell is extremely sensitive, which explains their ability to do this. The theory is that the oil’s aroma connects with each side of the brain to produce a therapeutic response.

Aromatherapy makes use of essential oil in a number of forms, from massage oils and inhalation to ointments and shampoos. They are used to treat physical disorders such as allergies, skin complaints, sprains and respiratory problems. Animals with behavioral problems will also benefit from the calming and balancing qualities of certain essential oils, unlike humans animals hold on to past traumas and emotional states using the correct oils allows the animal to release these negative states and move forward to a healing level.


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