Reiki for Animals

Reiki helps our animals feel better and more connected just like it does us! Keep in mind that Reiki works faster on animals (and children) than it does on adults because they vibrate energetically on a higher frequency. Reiki is helpful to animals in any situation, but here are a few circumstances where it will be especially beneficial:

  • When an animal is sick – Reiki helps the healing process and it will also work with any other type of treatment including the traditional medical treatment.
  • Whether an animal is very young or old, Reiki is safe to use on an animal of any age or situation.
  • When an animal has been through a trauma, Reiki can help. Whether they’ve experienced abuse, loss, a move or if they seem depressed or are having behaviour problems, you can use Reiki to help them. Even if you don’t know what the problem is you can still use Reiki
  • Reiki can be a great comfort to both the owner and to the animal when it’s time for them to cross over into the spirit world.

Treatment cost will depend on size, travel and the number of animals; groups will reduce cost so please contact me to discuss.