Take a break from the business of everyday life in a calming atmosphere where you will be gently guided through a meditation practice to help calm your mind, relax your body, promote balance and feelings of wellbeing. Learn techniques to help support you in your everyday life.

Individual session: £15 Duration 45mins or £5 each for groups of 3 or more


Meditate together circle 

There is power in numbers and creating intentions. Coming together with a shared intention can have profound impacts on our lives, our communities, and our universe.

Meditating in a group is very powerful, The shared intention of the group elevates each individual. When one or more gather with the intention to heal and grow, great shifts can occur. The group’s collective energy has a massive impact on the world.

No matter the size or scope of the group meditation or intention, the idea is to plant seeds—big or small—for a better world. Group meditations can also help you:

  • Strengthen your connections
  • Support one another
  • Learn: New meditators can learn a great deal from those who have a practice, while experienced meditators can learn a lot from guiding and helping beginners
  • Stay motivated and committed to a regular practice

We meet at Cumwhinton Village hall, ca483j  – 11am on Tuesdays for 45mins, £5 

please bring your own Mat, blanket or anything to make yourself warm and comfortable

(doors are closed to entrance at 11.05am so the circle won’t be disturbed.


Meditation for Corporate Business and Organisations 

Stress in the workplace is an increasing concern for organisations today and is one of the biggest reasons for illness and extended leave. Meditation is a tool which is easy and effective at managing stress. It can be practiced anywhere and can help improve overall health and wellbeing.

Meditation classes can help Employers and Employees feel more relaxed, focused and centred. Classes teach you techniques to use on a daily basis to help you cope with stressful situations at work and outside the workplace. Happy and healthy Employers and Employees means greater efficiency, productivity and harmony in the workplace and an overall sense of wellness.

We can run classes from your place of business or alternatively you can arrange to hire a suitable premise.

Fees and duration to be arranged