Angelic connections – Choice

Angelic connections

In today’s world we are all consumed and dominated by the material, the need for the next gadget the next new fad. All because we have become detached, detached from our hearts, our families and the communities around us. But if you were given the choice would you carry on down a lonely road with new shiny things that soon become old and outdated and a source of discontent, or would you choose to connect to your true heart, a place where the wonderful colour, texture, growth and ever present love can take place. Connecting you to your loved ones on a multitude of levels reconnecting you to music, dance, joy, celebrating mother nature through glorious food and space to gather her healing, wisdom, fun and flow. Bringing all that you desire for each and everyone to a point in which knowledge, love, connection on all levels are ones natural way.

To choose a life of connecting energy, is to choose you, choose to connect with the universe, where all dreams desires healing and wisdom can be connected and shared with simplistic truth, questioning, dreaming and choice.

Our churches, social groups, pages in a book or melodic tunes are all connections to your own choices, heart and divine, by taking a few simple actions to connect with these tools and ask the universe for help, support and love.

Connect through the heart center reaching out for all the angelic realms to hear and receive you requests, giving us the opportunity to offer love, compassion, help and support on a connection level without restriction, without limitation but with a pure heart, abundance, beauty and growth.

All we ask is you send out your connections ask your question and choose a heart centered life so we can draw close in love and divine light.